Friday, July 20, 2012


taa'at meiN taa rahey nah mai-o-angabeeN ki lag
dozaKH meiN Daal do koi ley kar bahisht ko

ता`अत में ता रहे मै--अनगबीं की लाग
में डाल दो कोई ले कर बिहिशत को
طاعت میں تا رہے نہ مے و انگبیں کی لاگ
دوزخ  میں ڈال دو کوئی لے کر بہست کو

taa'at (ता`अत)- worship
Mai-o-angabeen = wine & honey
laag = temptation
bahisht=heaven, paradise

So that, in worship, the temptation of wine and honey would not remain,
Let someone, having taken Paradise, fling it in Hell

A common scenario of Paradise includes streams of honey and wine (unlike the one available on Earth) is plentiful for it's residents. Ghalib uses these props for this sher.

When people worship, they are actually seeking this paradise. It is this temptation which is the reason for their obedience and not the love of God.

If we can just dispense with or remove the concept of Paradise then the worship would be a pure and selfless one.

A worship that is performed in the hopes of a reward after death is no worship at all.

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